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Top Singles: Lauren Miller

Top Singles: Lauren Miller

Think back to elementary school. Think of your computer teacher. They looked nothing like Lauren Miller, did they? Envy the fifth and sixth graders at Ozark Upper Elementary School, sure, but you’re a lot more likely to move to the head of Lauren’s class if you’re funny, fit and confident. Excuse us while we go study just a little bit harder now…

Sign: Scorpio.

Your “Type”: Intelligent, honest, athletic, funny, successful, thoughtful, goal-oriented, good-looking and conservative.

Turn-ons: A good smile, wit, confidence without arrogance, and a body free of fat-rolls.

Pet peeves: Messiness, name-droppers.

Favorite Movie: Bridget Jones’s Diary.

The best thing in my life is… My daughter, Blair.

I can’t start my day without… Music and mascara. At 5:30 a.m., I truly need both.

Favorite places to eat: Bijan’s and Metropolitan Grill but I would be happy with Subway…

Craziest thing you’ve ever done: I’m a teacher… I’ve got to keep this “G” rated.

On your Bucket List? Run a marathon.

Turn-offs: Yellow Teeth, metrosexuals, a soft body, and the “center of attention guy”

Hobbies: Working Out, running.

Hangouts: Don’t really have a hangout….don’t to be that predictable.

Best thing about being single: Being single gives me the ability to press reset when I want

Hidden Talent: Must be hidden from me…I have yet to find it.

Favorite music/band: Many types….not techno…

Favorite Book/Author: Dr. Seuss… these days that’s all I can fit into my day.

Guilty Pleasure: Andy’s Frozen Custard

Favorite places to shop: Dillard’s/Nordstrom shoes, Banana Republic

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